Childhood eczema: improving adherence to treatment basics

Emollients form the basis of treatment for all patients with eczema.

Topical corticosteroids for childhood eczema: clearing up the confusion

Topical corticosteroids are one of the key medicines used in...

Access to HPV vaccine widened

The human papillomavirus virus (HPV) vaccine reduces the incidence of HPV-related...

Oestradiol patches now fully subsidised: what is their place in the treatment of menopausal symptoms?

Transdermal oestradiol patches are now fully subsidised, without the need...

Amiodarone brand-change and a reminder on patient monitoring

Two brands of amiodarone are currently subsidised in New Zealand...

Targeted testing for abdominal aortic aneurysm

A recently published study from the University of Otago provides...

Oxycodone prescribing: New Zealand solutions to a global problem

Inappropriate prescribing of opioids for non-cancer pain is an international problem. In this article...

Treatment of hepatitis C (HCV) has changed

From the 1st of October general practitioners are able to assess and treat patients with hepatitis C.

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The COPD prescribing tool

This tool provides pharmacological treatment options for patients with COPD based on their symptom severity.

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